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Fuss of aal.. this thing DEEEEEP! ->Sashi >:D Powda Bon (Powder Bun) Recipe

3 kop a flowa, 
3 teespoon a baykin powda,
 wahn pinch a saal, 
1 eg weh beet op, 
½ kop rayzn,&nbsp 1¼ kop a brong shuga,&nbsp ½ teespoon a notmeg weh grayta,&nbsp 1½ stik bota wail ih stil kool,&nbsp 1 teespoon a vanela,&nbsp 1½ tayblspoon a koakanat milk er Karnayshan milk (moa if yu need it)

How fi mek it

1. Miks op aal a di jrai ingreedyant dehn eena wahn bowl. 2. Werk een di bota eena di flowa gud gud. 3. Ad een di res a di ingreedyant dehn. Ster it wid wahn spoon. Di doa sopoas tu bee stif ahn stiki. 4. Drap lee bit a di doa pahn wahn baykin sheet wid wahn spoon, ahn mek shoar di baykin sheet grees op gud. Ton aan yu oavn mek ih heet op tu 350° ahn bayk di powda bon dehn fi 15 tu 20 minits.

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