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What is CoffTea?

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The drink CoffTea is a mixture of coffee and tea. It can also be called TeaFee or Teaee.

Many people claim to have "invented" CoffTea, often as a result of accidentally mixing tea and coffee. One early mention of the drink on the Internet was on HalfBakery in 2000 where Rhino described mixing tea leaves and coffee grounds. Singer Peter Andre claimed to have invented CoffTea in an interview in 2004.

Teafee is defined in the urban dictionary as a 50-50 mixture of tea and coffee, though sources can be found recommending alternative ratios. In an interview with Sparrow (aka Michael Gorelick) for the New York Observer in October 2006, Sandra Blund recommended combining Savarin with chamomile tea in a ratio of 2 to 1, or combining organic Bolivian coffee and White Rose tea in equal parts.

New combinations are still appearing in the beverage world. As recently as 2010, Nick Farrell claims to have invented combination whereby you first brew the tea and then use it in a French press, giving the beverage a "crisper" taste.

CoffTea can be used to produce a drink with lower levels of caffeine than regular coffee by creating a half-strength cup of coffee and then adding a tea-bag for a short amount of time to add some flavor to the drink, which might otherwise taste too weak if one is used to strong coffee. It is renowned for having both the refreshing and soothing qualities of tea, but also the inspirational, uplifting zing of coffee.

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