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I have never used salt, at least directly (ie by taking salt and putting it in the batter). Some may say it has something to do with altering the boiling point of the water. I just say it's something you shouldn't do; it's too big of a risk of ruining the taste, in my opinion.

You DON'T put salt ON the pancake when it is cooked! You are supposed to add a pinch of salt to the batter to improve the taste, same with cake or any other thing you're baking. The taste of it without the salt is just not appealing.

If you forgot to add salt to the batter, then I suggest a piece of butter on the pancake when it is still hot to improve the taste. Many people serve pancakes with a piece of butter on it or next to it and it is an optional thing to have. I would not eat pancake without a piece of butter at all. Oh and really sweet corn syrup, I do not like the fruity stuff ;)


You put a pinch of salt into the dough. But if you don't like the taste you can of course leave it out! It won't make a big difference anyhow.

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